Only carry the credit card that you will need that day. You may have five or more cards, but think about which cards you use often. You should have access to a charge card you use daily and a card that is used for gas. Keep only those on you, and secure the rest at home. As you have seen, it can be all too easy to cause problems for yourself by using credit cards improperly. Getting too many cards, and giving in to the temptation to max them out can leave you in trouble in no time. It is hoped that the advice in this article can help prevent credit card issues for you and help you remain financially healthy. If you notice that late fees have been assessed, be sure to make a phone call, and request that the fees be deleted. When you are consistently paying your bill on time at the end of the month, the credit card company will usually waive the fee one time for good customers. How do you feel about credit cards now? Do you feel more confident on how to use them? If so, then great, but if not, that simply means you need to continue educating yourself. By learning all that you can about credit cards, you will feel better about using them.

Avoid closing accounts. This may seem like a smart thing to do when trying to raise a credit score, but it actually can damage the score. When you close an account, your available credit is decreased and the ratio between it and what is owed decreases. Always follow your credit score and credit report in order to see your accounts’ health. This is also good for seeing how everyone else is handling your accounts. Look for any reporting errors. If there’s one, talk to the credit bureau and the card company.

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